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Welcome to Crawford Law Group PLLC

At Crawford Law Group PLLC, we focus on real estate law, providing legal advice and transactional services, including Residential and Commercial Real Estate Development, and Wills and Estates.

Our attorneys are accomplished in real estate law and know how to facilitate real estate transactions in Jefferson, Morgan and Berkeley Counties in the Eastern Panhandle and Hampshire and Hardy Counties in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia,and in Frederick County, Virginia.

We recognize that our clients expect good service, so the challenge is to go beyond just good service.  We accept this challenge through encouraging and training our staff and leveraging technology to provide quality and efficient service to our clients.

We have embraced the American Land Title Association's Best Practices.  The Best Practices are the gold standard for professionalism in the real estate settlement practice area of the law.

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There are three great locations:  

Downtown Charles Town WV in Jefferson County

Martinsburg WV in Berkeley County

Winchester VA in Frederick County

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We did it! We were able to close this one this evening! I couldn't have gotten this to the table if you hadn't been on the other end of this deal and worked that negotiator the way you did. I cannot thank you enough for the diligence and the time that you have given me on this one.


You are the bomb!!!! Very nice work!! Thank you for pulling this work out of the depths of defeat.


Thank you for your hard work on this . You did a great job and I appreciate everything you did to get this approved. I know it was not easy.


I would like to express my deep and sincere thanks and appreciation for the work you have done with our firm. WV was the first attorney state that I did and as such we had to retain attorneys for relationships like we did with your firm. I have a lot of respect for your knowledge of the process and title related issues.