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Three Office Locations To Serve You and Services We Offer

We have office in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, WV, Charles Town, Jefferson County, WV and Winchester, Frederick County, VA. It is our goal to appear to you as one law firm with three front doors. We do this primarily by leveraging the cloud, so that it does not matter where your real estate settlement is prepared, you are free to consummate your transaction wherever it is most convenient to you, our client.

We recognize that our clients expect good service, so the challenge is to go beyond just good service. We accept this challenge through encouraging and training our staff and leveraging technology to provide a quality, unique and efficient service to our clients.

Residential Real Estate

Our staff is well versed in processing residential real estate requests using their vast experience and technology to produce timely and accurate real estate settlements. With our resources, we can usually turn a settlement request around and put the documents on the table for settlement in less than five business days.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is unlike residential real estate. Lead times are more important and we understand the importance of getting ahead of the transaction. We do our due diligence with regard to the seller and the property promptly and buyers trust us to provide the necessary assurance that all is in order and there are no hidden issues.

Wills and Contracts

Having an attorney write your will or a contract assures the client that the document is clear and concise. Also, an attorney can advise the client of other matters that the client has not considered which may impact on the client’s desires and need to be dealt with in the document.

Business Formations

We provide services for the formation of limited liability companies, partnerships and corporations. Clients who are in business, in any manner, need to provide protection for their personal assets and provide other benefits that a corporate or limited liability company entity provides. We form these companies and make all of the arrangements with the State of West Virginia various departments so that the client can hit the ground running on his/ her business dreams.

Title Insurance

Title insurance not only provides that the Seller has good title that there is not someone else out there claiming an interest in the property in addition to insuring that there are no unknown liens, lack of marketability, forgeries, fraud and other matters.  The Homeowners or Enhanced policy also provides limited protection against the lack of a building permit, encroachments, vehicular and pedestrian access, zoning violations and other issues.  Title insurance in today’s world is becoming an essential part of a real estate transaction.  (The coverage mentioned above are subject to the terms of the policy)

We believe that the extra cost for the “all yes” Policy provides more protection for the increased cost. Please review the comparison of the coverages to assist you in making your decision. If you desire to purchase the extra protection, please let your processor know so she can communicate this to your lender.

There are few things more important than protecting your home. Owner’s Title Insurance has been offered for more than 150 years, because even the best title search and examination cannot protect your equity and home from matters not appearing in the public record.
The standard policy covers you for defects and liens in the history of your title through the date and time your Deed is recorded in the public records. The ALTA Homeowner’s Policy of Title Insurance provides coverage for many additional risks, including some which might occur after the deed is recorded.

Below is a coverage comparison that will help you decide which policy is the best for you to protect your ownership in your home.

BOTH POLICIES INCLUDE: Standard Policy Enhanced Policy
Mechanic’s Lien Coverage Yes Yes
Third Party Claims and Interest in the Title Yes Yes
Improperly Executed Documents            Yes Yes
Pre-Policy Forgery Fraud or Duress Yes Yes
Non-Recorded Restrictive Covenants Yes Yes
Defective Recording of Documents          Yes Yes
Prior Recorded Liens Not Disclosed in the Policy Yes Yes
Unmarketability of the Title Yes Yes
Policy Insures Anyone Who Inherits the Property from you Yes Yes
Policy Insures the Trustee of Your Estate Planning Trust Yes Yes
Policy Insures the Beneficiaries of Your Trust upon your death Yes Yes


Automatic Increase in Coverage up to 150% (not based on inflation) No Yes
Post Policy Forgery No Yes
Post Policy Encroachment onto Insured Land         No Yes
Legal Right to ACTUAL Vehicular and Pedestrian Access       No Yes
Coverage for Certain Losses Due to Building Permit Violations  (subject to a deductible and liability limits) No Yes
Coverage for Certain Losses Due to Existing Violations of Subdivision (subject to a deductible and liability limits) No Yes
Post Policy Structural Damage From Third Party Easement for Mineral Extraction No Yes
Violation of Restrictive Covenants Identified in the Policy:    
   Resulting in Loss from Correction or Removal        No Yes
   Resulting in Loss of Title No Yes
   Resulting in Loss of Use Where Single Family No Yes

   Dwelling Prohibited

No Yes
Forced Removal of Existing Structures that:    
   Encroach onto an Easement Identified in the Policy                No Yes
   Violate a Building Restriction Line Identified in the Policy No Yes
   Encroach onto Neighbor’s Land (subject to a deductible and liability limits if boundary wall or fence) No Yes
Land Cannot Be Used for Single Family Dwelling Unde Zoning Ordinance No Yes

For Comparison Purposes Only: Both policies contain insuring provisions, conditions, stipulations, exclusions and exceptions as set out by the individual underwriter and the American Land Title Association. If you have any questions, please contact us and let us know. We will facilitate your settlement if you make this decision early on so that we can advise the lender of the appropriate premium.